Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S)

Dynamical, thermodynamical and cloud-microphysical studies of violent wind and heavy rain-producing tropical cyclones: Quantitative improvement of intensity estimations/forecasts


(Tropical cyclones-Pacific Asian Research Campaign for Improvement of Intensity estimations/forecasts)

Advisory board

Purposes of the advisory board are
1. to exchange information about the T-PARCII project, mainly aircraft observation of tropical cyclones,
2. to provide advices and suggestions to the project,
3. and to support aircraft observation of typhoons.
The advisory board is flexible. A new member who is interested in T-PARCII is very welcome.

Advisory board members (June 12, 2017)

name affiliation
Professor Ben Jou National Taiwan University
Professor Chun-Chieh Wu National Taiwan University
Professor Michael Bell Colorado State University
Dr. Peter G. Black NOAA
Dr. Wai Kin Wong Hong Kong Observatory
Dr. Sanwon Joo National Institute of Meteorological Science, Korea
Dr. Tetsuo Nakazawa Meteorological Research Institute
Dr. Kotaro Bessho Japan Meteorological Agency
Mr. Eisuke Shimakawa NHK
Professor Hiroshi Uyeda Professor Emeritus of Nagoya University
Professor Hiroshi Niino University of Tokyo
Professor Masaki Satoh University of Tokyo
Professor Makoto Koike University of Tokyo
Dr. Kensaku Shimizu Meisei Electriccory Co. Ltd.
Professor Masataka Murakami Nagoya University